2D Platformer game with Shifting Gravity inside a Magical Clock!
Pirate Level 3

Screenshot Saturday – More Pirates

This week we’ve spent some time fixing game engine things and giving the website a facelift. But, we do have the abilities of pirate level 2 and 3 to share. Last week we only had the level 1 rope ability implemented. This week, it’s melee attacks and parrots.
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Pirate Level 2 – Sword Attack
The sword attack is a ground melee attack that can kill a variety of enemies and projectiles, just don’t hit any bombs with it. Here’s the level 2 pirate using the Pirate Sword.
Pirate Level 3 – Parrot
Besides being a trusty companion, the parrot flaps its wings to help you [float down on falls]() when pressing the jump button a second time. You also get the sword. So, with the rope, sword and parrot, the captain is a pretty dynamic character

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