2D Platformer game with Shifting Gravity inside a Magical Clock!

Screenshot Saturday – Luchador vs Prospector

This week it’s the Luchador and Prospector in action! We’re showing the level 3 version of the power up, to demo all its abilities.

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If you like collecting coins as much as I do, you’ll like the prospector power up. His midas gun attracts coins in its energy field and freezes enemies in gold. And his jetpack makes reaching Mystery Boxes a breeze. But each ability drains his energy bar. Once the energy is depleted, you’ll have to wait to recharge it within a gravity field. Prospector in Action!
A high flyin’, enemy smashing, no-nonsense power-up. Unlike the prospector, you don’t have to worry about a energy bar. El Luchador can attack enemies on the ground, smash blocks, and soar across the sky. He’s a blend of agility and strength! Luchador in Action!

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