2D Platformer game with Shifting Gravity inside a Magical Clock!

Screenshot Saturday – Power up Signage

This week we wanted the player to get a sense of what each power-up can do as well as set the tone for the power-up when collected. So with each power-up and subsequent level there will be a quick animation showing the power-up name and what new ability that power-up level has (sequence takes about ~2-3s).

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For this week we made a mock-up of what upgrading to level 3 pirate would look like. We just have a static image but in the sequence the water would be splashing, the text would slightly rock like a ship on a water, flag would flapping in the wind, and the glare on the text would streak through. Also the player in the cloud bubble would continually perform the action demonstrated. In this case, the player would be hovering with the parrot flapping its wings. We have 2 versions – one with a standard background and one with the background darkened.

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