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Screenshot Saturday – El Luchador

We have some screenshots for el Luchador power-up this week. This power-up is about using physical strength and agility to overcome your enemies. We’re still working on fine-tuning all the power-up physics, so I’ll have action “screenshots” next week.

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Luchador Level 1 – Commando Roll
The first level allows the player to do a commando roll on the ground to attack enemies or break blocks. This is useful for enemies that can only be attacked from the sides.
Luchador Level 2 – Body Slam
This level allows the player to do a jump smash attack. This destroys any blocks below the player and even some enemies that are invulnerable to stomp attacks like the rock thrower.
Luchador Level 3 – Soaring
The world champion flies high and destroys all foes. This power up allows the player to do a fast soar when in the air. Useful for soaring to platforms that are a little out of jumping reach or quickly avoiding enemies or projectiles in the air.

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