2D Platformer game with Shifting Gravity inside a Magical Clock!

Screenshot Saturday – Updates to Hurt and Death Animations

We got lots of good feedback from last week, thanks everyone! So here’s to implementing that feedback.

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Key Collection
We added some distinction between coin and key collections. We added a little icon that appears briefly over the player when a key is collected, plus added a small outline where the key stood. This is to help the player when trying to retrace their steps and finding the missing key.

Power up Screen Lines
We made the background lines slightly diagonal in the power up screen to give the feeling of action vs speed.

Hurt and Death Sequence
With the hurt action, we added physics-based magic dust to scatter away from the player. Also added a fall back animation when recoiling from the hit. For the death sequence, we made it more pronounced. We added a dust shattering effect followed by a black, closing “time” bubble at the player’s death. Of note, when restarting a level (without death) the closing bubble is white.

Uncluttered Coin & XP Value Pop-ups
Before we had XP and coin values appear above the player without any regard for any nearby values. This caused a cluttering of values. So..we uncluttered it 🙂

Quick change in direction dust
Since we added the code for dynamic dust scattering, we added it for the player when he makes a quick turn.

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